Ok now you have Petey and Roxy and Payton. That should keep you busy.

Need you to watch over Heather

Hey brother. I really do miss you. Lots of stuff is going on and I want to talk to you. I really need to talk to you. Heather is having brain surgery soon. Maybe you can try and watch over things a bit? I miss knowing you are here to call when I am in trouble. I miss the security. I miss you. I need your help Brad. Keep an eye on Heather though, thanks.

Happy Birthday Brad

Happy Birthday Brad

A huge part of this pain is knowing that you are not living your life.

The rest is that we miss you so deeply and have to do without you. I am so sorry. Happy Birthday Son.

I love you and I like you.


Happy Birthday

Brad Cake.JPG

Hey, you know I'm your sister and I am gonna give you shit- So Happy 40th birthday you old fart.

I miss you with everything inside of me.



Tomorrow is Brad's Birthday. The change in numbers hits me hard. That different digit in front makes it seem like a big leap away from him, though I know it's not, really. I don't think he would like this new numbr!

For the past few weeks with now "triggers" coming up, it has seemed very fresh. Tears pouring, doubled over pain with no warning or reason I could find. I wondered if anyone else was feeling this.

Miss you so much Brad.

Of course I am his mother so I can picture him safe inside of me because he wasn't born yet.



Congratulations St. Louis!!!



it's been a while since i've been on here. the thing is, i had a random dream about you last night. it was halloween and someone had told me you had come back - that you had never died. boy, was i excited of the prospect of seeing you again. i wish you were still here. i miss you a lot. 

No More Labels- Repost

As I walk through the streets of the city I see so much.

It's still new

If you come across this site, it is never to late to put something here. It has never been to long. We will always welcome anything. Do you know how long it has been since I have seen a new picture of my baby brother? Do you know how long it has been since I have heard his voice, or seen his smile or heard him laugh? Do you know that I still think of him everyday? My life continies to move forward, I smile and laugh and I am living. But I am living without my baby brother and it is a completely different type of living.

It is never to late to hear a new story about my brother. It is never to late to see a new picture. It is never to late to hear his voice that might be from 10 years ago. Whatever it is, whenever it is, if it get's put up here from this point forward, it is new. One picture, one joke, one "I miss you Brad". It is new, it means you're out there.

Feel free, any time, today, tomorrow, ten years. It is never to late.


Don't forget

today. you can. ride a bicycle.
study tai chi. learn to play an instrument.
let yourself be known. be kind to a stranger.
show love & care. plant a tree.
improve the world. read a book. try a new food.
listen to music and sing loudly. learn to say hello in a new language.
breathe deeply.
give thanks for the day.
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