Thank you.


I've always been interested in bicycling, and I'll leave the poetic waxing about why for another day.  As you're watching you'll know by interest and the luck of location and garage space, I've absorbed so much of your bicycle accessories.


I've used so many of those things over the last 4 years.  The bike stand, the trainer, a couple of tubes, and, now most recently, a spare set of pedals when one of mine went bad.   -Kept me riding until I could get the bad ones (warranty) replaced.

I wish you were here to teach me a few things, Like how to adjust a derailler, but I know you're laughing your ass off watch me muddle through.  And at the safety gear i insist on wearing.


But, your  stuff and obvious love of the ride has pushed me to a new level and I thank you for that!