Brad Photos

If you have any photos of Brad or drawings he did, that you would like to share, please use the contact form above to get info on where to email them, or mail to P.O. Box 8144 Elburn, IL 60119. Thanks!

The Fixie
Trinkets and Treasures 3
Brad and Patrick Cassidy
Brad in Tai Chi Pose
Love this one! Eating Rats & Brad Cassidy
nap time with puppy
Wrestling with a friend Dec 2003
Brad Cassidy
Brad with Bicep
Trinkets and Treasures 2
Brad Cassidy and Episiotomy Oct 98 Glen's house
No pictures
Brad at Glenns house 1998
That's Brad
Brad and actor Bruce Campbell 2
Passed out in Louie's basement
Puppy Love
Pride and Joy
another with puppy
with puppy
Eating Rats (St. Louis) #2
The Fixie chain
Trinkets and Treasures 4
1998 Brad Cassidy's apt in St. Louis
Trinkets and Treasures 1
Brad and actor Bruce Campbell
Episiotomy /Brad Cassidy at Glenn's house in 98
back of Rickenbacker
Brad and Chad at Louie's house 1998
Doesn't everyone like Pizza?
Love that hair 2- late 80's
Guess Who
Brad Cassidy December 2003 St. Louis
Rickenbacker and proud new owner
Brad and Chad 1998
Eating Rats (St. Louis) #1 Brad Cassidy


Take a look and see the unique style of drawing that Brad had. Very intricate designs that filled entire pages.If anybody has any of Brad's artwork that you would like to share, please use the contact form lionked above to get info on where to email them. Brad has been drawing for his whole life, somewhere there must be a lot more drawings, hopefully we find them.

Drawing 06
Drawing 03
Drawing 5
rabbits done with sumi e ink common in Japanese & Buddhism art
Drawing 04
Drawing 002
Drawing 7
Drawing 01
drumskin drawing
One of his favorite Japanese paintings from the 18th century, and thought about buying a couple years ago

Early Days

Christmas 1971
It's that outfit again
playing in the leaves
GEM shirt at about 4
In first jail cell
Our new brother
Sleeping Baby 8 1/2 months old
Iron Maiden
Just A Lad
August 1989
Miss you.jpg
Brad and his nephew Vinny 1985
Pat, Brad, Mom, Kristin, Grandpa Farrow and Marianne
Sleeping on bench
We all had a sweater just like this
shoulder ride from Daddy
Baby Brad and Daddy
Started Early
Halloween 1976
Brad and Santa Claus!
look of total innocence (for now)
Front and Center
Brad with 2 week old baby lion 1977
Kristin, Brad and Pat
Our brand new brother!
Brad and Pat
about 6 years old
Wish we could see what's on the tv
We know that look
Fast Food Nation
Early "bike" ride
family vacation
time for a haircut
Too cute
Brad in Grandpa Farrow's baptism dress
Brad 1979
Where it all started
Love that hair - late 80's
Bath time in the sink
Brad, Aunt Dear and Vinny 1987
one of the famous block towers
Gym Suit
Happy Faces
red striped shirt
Santa's helper
Being Silly 1977
Brad's Fifth Birthday party
Kids on a wall
Two months old
Funny faces
Brad, Vinny and Kristin 1985
Don't we look nice?
See the eyes
June 1985 Big Smokey Falls, Wolf River Wisconsin
Devilish Grin
Brad and Family about 1972
about 6 months
Early 1972 family picture
Love that hair
Adorable with tricycle
Bathtub 1974
Must be movie night
Still in the sand
maybe 3 or 4 years old
Christmas 1985
He must have been thirsty
We look so nice 1985
See his pocket?
Brad and Dad
Little Cowboy
She's so proud of her baby brothers
almost 2 years old
Look what Dad found! Can we keep him?
9 months
Two days old
Help!! June 1985
Brad at 3 months
Self explanatory
Big brother Little brother
Brothers with awesome pants!
GEM shirt #2
Dr. Evil
Early teens
Kung Fu Fighting
Happy Birthday

Daddy Brad

Some of the happiest pictures of Brad

No, hit it this way!
Daddy and Emily at the Arch
trying to hide
Two peas in a pod
Another one at The Arch
The look of pure joy
Video Games! #2
Brad and Little Em
Wake up Daddy
Hey you, over here
Daddy and Emily
In the truck with Emily
Two peas in a pod #2
Emily and her Daddy
Emily up in the air
Opening a present
Every child should fly
Ball Pit
Brad and his favorite little girl
Silly Daddy and daughter
Amy,Emily, Brad, Grandpa Farrow, Kristin
maybe dancing?
Brad and Emily on his lap
By the van
nap time
Ball Pit #2
Brad and baby Emily
Superbaby and Daddy
Look at That
Video Games!
Brad and Emily playing on floor
Two peas in a pod #3
Brad and Emily at The Arch