Happy Birthday

I wish......


Family gathering today. Just to be together, and also to celebrate his birthday of November 28th, honor, and share the loss of Brad. 

I was thinking of Brad's friends, as I always do. You are still a part of us and always will be, and we care. You were respectful on that awful day that we came together for Brad's goodbye, sitting scattered. But you came for Brad. While most came for his family, and needed and deserved to be with us, and I remember insisting you all move up to the row right behind us. We are warmed and honored that you came for Brad, and quickly got a clue why he was friends with you and cared so much about you all. 

Last time I left flowers and candles at Brad's apartment building as I do every year, I was playing a new CD on the way home. Suddenly I could hear Brad, laughing, chuckling, THAT expression on his face- you all know it- "Really Mom? Really? On the way back from there you are seriously playing Grateful Dead music?????" Felt chagrin, then I was laughing. 

We miss you Brad so very much. Always. Love you, Like you, 



I can't believe it's been 10 years...

I know posts from a lot of Brad's friends have been few and far between on here, but I assure you not a day goes by that we don't all think about him. We even pay tribute to him at my work: http://custom.buttonmakers.net/Memorial-Buttons-3-inch--Basic-Black_p_13... Brad made such an impact on me and my friends that I don't think I could forget him even if I tried. Unfortunately I don't have anything funny to share this time around. Something Chad said on FB really resonated with me. It's when I think about all the events of the past 10 years, the absence of Brad's perspective/wit/insight, to me, is one of the most tragic.

Hi friend

So I spent most of tonight taking notes on what I think I'll have the courage to speak on here. Brad and I were good friends for many years. He treated my little sister like his sister he treated me like family. I love him very much. After a decade I finally feel like I can come on here and share some stories and some insights. I know there are many people out here that know him far better than I did. But there were several years where he happened to live closer to me than he did to you all. I am doing this all talks to text because I have 2nd degree burns on my right hand which is what I write with. And it makes it very hard. I want to thank Kris for getting me on the site again. Where do I start?

Happy Birthday

I just wanted to tell you how much I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday. Not much is put up on this website anymore but you are still thought of and missed. Happy Birthday my Dear Son.
Love Mom

Just Hi.

Hi Brad, 

I was thinking about you a lot for some reason.  Maybe it's the recent Dia de los Muertos, or your upcoming birthday.  But whyever the reason - "Hi."

Wish you were in in person, but I know you're with me in other ways. 

Luv ya, 



Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Brad

I wish I could say it to you, living your life, with it being a real wish to you. I was awake at 2:28 a.m. remembering, missing you, as I do, we all do, every second. 

I found a vegan stuffed turkey roll-you would have been happy. 

That Thanksgiving/birthday dinner at South City diner with you and Emily still makes me smile and grin when I think of embarrassing you-no easy task!

I love you, I like you, i MISS you but I know for me, you are still with us, as we go about life. In our hearts and minds doing it with us, and I am confident it is true for all of us-family, friends, those you care about and who care about you. We keep going, as we must, but it's harder and there is less joy. 


Great Uncle Brad

Well Congratulations Brad! You are a Great Uncle! Your great niece Gracie Lucinda Schulz was born on August 28th at 10:43 pm. She weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and was 19 1/2 " long. Amy was amazing through the whole thing and Jeremy was absolutely wonderful. I got to be there to watch them fall head over heels in love with her and it was the best day ever. 

I am pretty sure you already know all of this but I was excited to tell you. 

Love your sister, now a Grandma! I can hear you laughing already. 

heh heh heh

Don't you miss his chuckle? Heh Heh Heh


What can I even say? 7 years? Ouch. There is so much going on that you are missing. I miss you and I miss being able to tell you everything.

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