Family gathering today. Just to be together, and also to celebrate his birthday of November 28th, honor, and share the loss of Brad. 

I was thinking of Brad's friends, as I always do. You are still a part of us and always will be, and we care. You were respectful on that awful day that we came together for Brad's goodbye, sitting scattered. But you came for Brad. While most came for his family, and needed and deserved to be with us, and I remember insisting you all move up to the row right behind us. We are warmed and honored that you came for Brad, and quickly got a clue why he was friends with you and cared so much about you all. 

Last time I left flowers and candles at Brad's apartment building as I do every year, I was playing a new CD on the way home. Suddenly I could hear Brad, laughing, chuckling, THAT expression on his face- you all know it- "Really Mom? Really? On the way back from there you are seriously playing Grateful Dead music?????" Felt chagrin, then I was laughing. 

We miss you Brad so very much. Always. Love you, Like you,