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Just a quick post. From Brad's family. We know it all. We have seen it all. We know who Brad is/was. Put anything you want here. No story is off limits. You won't offend us, you won't shock us. We truly do enjoy all the stories. If it is to much for the front page of the website, we'll move it to the tidbits section with a warning. So please we love Brad the way he was. The true Brad. We do know it all, we just would love to hear the stories, see the pictures, etc.

Saturday: The Punk and Hardcore Scenes Gather for a Benefit/Celebration

Here's the link. There is some good information in here and a really nice thing about Brad.

Brad's raising money to help a friend-updated

Brad's raising money to help a friend-updated

Come celebrate the life of Brad Cassidy who passed away on April 20th, 2008. All proceeds will be donated to Nick Mardanes to aid him in his fight against cancer.

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! -------------------------------

HARM'S WAY (Chicago)- brutal, fast hardcore ala Infest.
KIDS ON FIRE- Reunion/last show proper!
CIVIC PROGRESS- Come see their STL last show!!... for the year.

Kill The Duck

I sure miss the game. I miss playing with you and Emily. You taught me how to play Kill The Duck and we played in restaurants all the time, and I really looked forward to it. Did anybody else play this game with Brad?


It's November

Miss you.jpg

Got a huge blow the other day, it still hurts. It is one thing to talk to each other and mention things about Brad, it is another thing when unsolicited, I get an email from the family tree website I work on telling me about Brad. So, I log on to my computer and get an email that had found a clue that matches someone in my tree, I think oh cool, click on the link and bam!  The record matched Brad, it is the Social Security Death Index. Owwwwwww. It still hurts, it was like someone ran a semi into my gut. I laid my head down on my desk and sobbed like I haven't sobbed in months. For some reason the outside source, hitting me when I was not prepared in any way, was bad.

It's November, his birthday is coming on the 28th. There should be something that feels right, to do on this day, but I haven't thought of it yet. My Mom desperately wants me to find the picture of her pregnant with Brad, right now, while it's the same time.

Baby Brad

I have always felt so jealous of the people that got to dream about you, I have had only a dream or two with you in it. It just seems like if someone is dreaming about you they are kind of spending time with you and that is what I am jealous of.   

Hi Brad

Just stopping by to say hello. I can't believe it's been over a year. geez, it still doesn't seem right.

This one's for you


I meant to do it for over a year now, but I got my tattoo for you. You already know what it means, but it is Japanese Kanji symbols meaning "Peace Baby Brother" . It's still healing in this picture and looks a bit grungy, but you get the idea. 

  I miss you little brother, a lot. It is now a more peaceful state of grief, but not easier or lessened. I am reading the Autobiography of a Tibetan Monk now. We stopped at a Tibetan store at Pike's Place and spent close to an hour talking to the guy there in the store. I now see why you became interested in Tibet and their culture. They are amazing people with their beliefs. I became so fascinated after listening to the guy at the store that as soon as a came home I could not wait to read and learn more about them. I can say, it will not be the only book I read about the Tibetans and the monks.

Footloose at Maxwells

I just got my weekly letter from Emily......loved this part......

in my last letter I asked her what her favorite memory of Brad was.....this was her answer:

"My favorite memory of Dad....hmmm theres so many...probably going to the record store when we moved to Chicago we bought a Kenny Loggins record and put him in the booth at Maxwells and fed him lemons.That was a great day, but there are so many great memories."




Brad loved this movie

The film is "Buffalo '66". It's one of my favorites, too. In fact, we watched it together. I remember him telling me how he could relate in some ways to Vincent Gallo's character, Billy.

Here's the trailer:

Also, a review of the film:


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