Tron and the C64

Was watching the movie Tron a day or so ago. Seeing the old stand up video games was crazy. You know Brad, it was crazy, I remember a time we had maybe 2 dollars between us and we walked all the way to Yorktown Mall because there was a video game arcade there that had a new wrestling game. Bet we spent 2 hours walking there only to play that game for maybe 15 minutes. LOL, was a blast. One of many fond memories.

Was thinking back on Tron, the old one. How blocky the graphics were. And recalled the chunky graphics from the Commadore 64s and Atari 2600s we use to play. Almost religiously. Trying to collect Activision patches. And Worm War 1 marathons til the sun came up.

Cheers my friend.


Thank you for that new

Thank you for that new memory.

Brad was a "marathon" kind of guy.  Even as a kid.  He literally (literally, it was on vinyl) wore out my Star Wars sound track album



Other things

The biggest thing that sucks to me is how Brad and I lost touch. My dad and step family moved away from Heather Lane. Phone numbers change all that sort of stuff. I wish that Brad and I could have caught up so many times. Technology is a wonderful thing, yet it only finally helped me find an obit. I remember checking online a few times with no luck. I remember the sadness when I found out how close he was here in Chicago, yet so far away. Talking to Kris, I guess we had the same exact address just about 2 miles away from eachother. I wish technology would have caught us up sooner.

I always remember talking music with Brad. Debating which was the better Metallica album. Kill'em All or Master of Puppets. I wonder how he would have felt about Jason Newsted? Or what he would think about Robert Trujillio and the new stuff. Would he have liked the St. Anger album? or the Death Magnetic?

Oh man! About Star Wars. We loved that stuff. I remember Brad working on these Star Wars things. Basically you colored them, then put them on a cookie tray and baked them. They would shrink up. They were called Shrinky Dinks. I don't remember if it was Brad or Pat, but someone had the great idea to put a Chewbacca action figure on the tray while the Shrinky things baked. It melted and flattened out. We laughed so hard for a very long time on that.



 Thanks for more stories. I know I will never ever want them to stop coming in. I read and reread them because somehow it is soothing. 

I understand. Though its

I understand. Though its weird because my stories are from when we were ?? what? 12-17 years old? So they probably seem weird talking about stuff that kids would do. I have actually read through many of the things on here to try to fill in the time missed out on.


 But I think we are all doing/have done the same thing. We are playing through our memories  like old movies that make us smile. At one point I had said that if people keep posting pictures and stories and we get together every so often, it keeps Brad more current. Maybe to you the story is't new, but you posting it is a current activity related to Brad. Me reading a story I never heard beore means that it is new, a new something related to Brad. I like to keep him current. I don't want to ever let Brad be part of my past. This website is doing exactly what I had hoped it would do and more. Our family put this together and it many ways it saved us.  I would't mind meeting you someday, but I am not out in Chicago to often If you are ever headed out to the burbs send me an email. Or send me yours and I will let you know when I am headed out your way. Thanks Ed.