June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Brad.

I lit a candle for you.

We miss you so much.

A new found friend of Brad's

One of his favorite Japanese paintings from the 18th century, and thought about buying a couple years ago


Here is an email that came in with the attached images. I encouraged her to sign up on the website. In the meantime here is what she sent. 

Going to my third punk show...

Junior called me up shortly after returning to Seattle to let me know that there was a concert at a "Punk House."  Punk houses are just homes that host concerts, usually in basements.  I never would have thought anyone could get away with that, especially on weeknights!  I met Junior at Tangletown, which is a restaurant and brewery owned by the Elysian Brewing company... yes, this is where Brad got that sweatshirt with the AK-47 Ale on it.  Junior works in the kitchen.  I ate and had a couple of beers with Junior when he got off work, then we headed over to The Retirement Home, which is the name given to this particular punk house. 


I was just remembering how when Brad would send emails to me or Emily - he would always sign them BraDad. That makes me smile.

Brad's Book Collection

Carrying crates of books down three flights of stairs in Chicago humidity was rough. I told myself, "Be tough and keep going... Brad carried these UP the stairs, and you can't let your little brother beat you." Brad, you are still with me! I'll continue to compete with you in my head, and will always want to make you proud of being my brother.

Not to sure...

Heather's picture

Hey guys. So I have been meaning to do this for awhile now. But I seem to be having a mental block. Such an urge to say something... anything. But can't come up with it. So in order to satiate my need to contribute and express my feelings. I have come up with this... stealing someone else's work. This is a song that makes me think of Brad. I hope it's not to sad or depressing for you guys. It makes me cry every time I hear it but when its over I feel better...

drive by shouting!

The other day I was driving down Roosevelt Road and passed a corner near a fitness center. Here, on the corner was a man advertising for the center, while riding a stationary bike. My immediate thought was, "what on earth would Brad yell out the window at this guy?" He would have found this guy to be ridiculously funny. I know he would have come up with something quick, witty and probably a little crass. This was Brad. I remember having to use the child locks on the windows at times to keep Brad from shouting out of them. (I think Molly said she had done the same! haha!)

Definition of Unique - "Only one of it's kind" or to us, Brad

Wow! My brother Brad. What an amazing guy. We go through his things slowly and thoughtfully. As I see and touch things he owned and treasured, it just amazes me how much Brad never stopped wanting to learn. He never stopped hunting for more and more knowledge about everything, including "self". So many intense books and stuff, all geared towards learning. To me it was overwhelming, but then you will open another box and it's full of what I think of as the coolest toys. Stuff that many adults would consider junk but treasures to Brad.

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