This is where you will find anything music related. Brad had hundreds, if not more, records. He also had several hundred cd's and a variety of recordings of himself playing bass and singing. While moving his records we all knew that those were his most prized possession and we all took great care. We continue to take great care of his records and always will until the day his daughter Emily recieves the entire collection, just as Brad had always wished. He had made it quite clear that she get his record collection someday and we do know that she will treasure them always. We are searching for a list he might of kept of every record he owned. If none is found, one will be made. Someday, when it is complete, it will amaze anyone who reads it. The wide array of music he had is at the very least, unbelievable.


                                  Young Emily with just a small part of the record collection

I (Kristin)  have got to start getting his records listed. Anybody with anything music related, let's find a way to get it up here. The history of the bands he was in or started, songs they did, recordings, etc. This spot of the website, especially about Brad, should not be empty. Contact us through the email and we'll get your additions up here.