Brad loved biking and it seems, everything about it, including building and repairing them. He had at least a few bicycles and a bunch of parts and pieces. He even had a couple of different jobs as a bicycle messenger. Besides bicycles and biking, Brad always showed care and concern for children. Living in the city, he had the unfortunate experience of witnessing, on a regular basis, young children involved in a variety of "criminal" things and this really bothered Brad. The charity we chose combines these two things into one and I really think Brad would have been very happy to contribute to this place. The information following is directly from their website.

Bicycle Works St. Louis
4102 Shenandoah Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri 63110
Store hours: Tues & Thurs 7 PM - 10PM
and Sat 10 AM - 1 PM
Phone: (314) 664-0828

St. Louis BicycleWORKS Mission Statement

Saint Louis BicycleWORKS was founded in 1988 by a Shaw Neighborhood resident who saw the need to provide area youth with the opportunity to develop a skill and to challenge them to test the limits of their abilities. This vision combined with the universal appeal of the bicycle became the building block of this innovative organization. BicycleWORKS is the first St. Louis program to use the bicycle as a vehicle to teach youth responsibility and good work habits. Its programs are structured and work-intensive. BicycleWORKS combines vocational training with educational enrichment and challenging physical and mental activity. Bicycle Works is located in the Shaw neighborhood at the southwest corner of Shenandoah and Thurman and welcomes applications from youth ages 9-17 from any St. Louis neighborhood.

Saint Louis BikeWORKS Description

BicycleWORKS: Earn-A-Bike classes are held throughout the year with most classes offered during the summer. The classes are designed to teach bicycle mechanics, maintenance, and safety. In addition to these hands-on skills, youth also learn responsibility and positive conflict resolution. Youth who successfully complete the program earn a bike and helmet. These youth are more confident, possess a greater sense of respect and respectability, and have a stronger desire to serve and improve their community. Volunteers are needed to assist in class room activities and/or Bicycle repair. See our programs page for more information, to enroll a child or to volunteer.

Request for Donations

All donations are tax deductible.

BicycleWORKS is currently accepting bikes of any style in any condition to support our various programs

  • Earn-A-Bike Program
  • Bikes not Bombs
  • Shop Support

You can drop off at our shop located at 4102 Shenandoah. Donations are accepted between 10 AM and 1 PM on Saturdays and 7pm to 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You may also drop off your donation at one of our two supporting shops:

Alpine Shop (Kirkwood)
440  N Kirkwood Rd
10am to 9pm M-S
Sunday 11 to 6


Big Shark Bicycle Company
6133 Delmar Blvd
10am to 8pm M-F
Saturday 10 to 6
Sunday 12 to 5

Please mail monetary donations to:

4102 Shenandoah Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110