Book Review: Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D

Don't bother.

The premise of the book is so very appealing; that because we are interconnected to everything and everyone and every time in the universe, we can predict the "truth" of something with a simple muscle test.

One person holds their arm parallel to the ground, and concentrates on the thing to be tested.   For example, watching a politician make a statement.   If the politician is truthful  the arm will be strong and a second person will have trouble pushing the arm down.   If the politician is lying, the arm will be weak and easily pushed down.  Or, do the test on a book before you buy it.  If the book fails the test, it does not contain valid information.

And,according to Dr. Hawkins,  this method can be used to determine levels of consciousness to which he assigns a number.  Levels below 200 have no hope of satisfaction, and levels of 600 (enligtenment) are extremely rare, and people usually don't move up to a higher level of consciousness.

Dr. Hawkins claims to have used scientific methods to get exactly the same result every time the test is done, regardless of who, where or when the test is carried out. 

I have to admit I was very skeptical.   Nothing in life is that simple and fool-proof. If it's so accurate, surely I'd have heard of other studies that duplicated his results.  Sure enough, as I read further Dr. Hawkins himself stated that many things can affect the integrity of the test - for example of the attitude of the testee to the subject, or the perfume the testor is wearing.    

And so, if the tester keeps getting "false negatives" he should keep rephrasing the question or get another question.  But, how does the tester know if the negatives are false?   Now it's about getting the expected response instead of the accurate response - which is not the scientific way. 

In fairness, I did not finish the book, but I think it's pseudo-science that may contain some information about achieving enlightenment and understanding the karmic universe, but, by trying to sound scientific, when clearly it is not, put the whole premise in question.    

My suggestion is don't spend time with this book,  there are many other quality tomes that can lead you to understanding.