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Happy Faces

I still think this will get better. If I keep trying, I will find a way to fix this. He is going to call. I can still hear his voice, clear as day in my head. Still hear his heh heh heh laugh. I still get mad at him. I still get sad. I still laugh at him. Well, ok, Brad, I am laughing with you!

Sure wish he could stop by soon though

The picture is complete. We are not.

It's lonely here

It's lonely here with no new stuff. I still come here every single day. Truly, every single day. I keep hoping something got added, pictures from the St Louis show, something new. We cannot get to the day when there is nothing new. Email anything you got. Anything.

More to come later today, we all know what today is. Today is ........


Today- is the last day I saw my Brad.

It seems like only two months. The pain is as bad as it always is, and yet as this time approaches, I could tell that my heart hurt - more?

How could it hurt more. And yet there is a difference. My stomach is tight and I feel worse and worse. I'm crying even more. I'm yelling even more - NO!  WE MISS YOU!  WE NEED YOU!

DON'T!  I'm half afraid to scream "Come Back", in case he has reached some Peace, but, sometimes it slips out.

All week- worrying, of knowing, of calling and calling, of knocking on his door and trying to talk to him through it - and open it- It's going to be another agonizing week. We need you Brad. Please - But I'm not sure please what. Don't let this be true, I guess.

Google Maps added bicycling.

I just had to let everyone know - Google Maps went live today with the beta of the bicycle friendly directions

It works for bicycle-only routes, like the Prairie Path here in Illinois.

Here's how to get to my house from Atomic Cowbow in only 25 hours:


See the counter?


See it at the bottom of the page? That is only since Christmas. You guys are here, have at it. Post something. I am still here at the very least, once a day checking. Usually twice a day. Feel free to add on.


send them to   they will come right to me. Thanks guys!

I'll get them up here for you.

St. Louis loves your brother!

I was told that more than once. I went down to the benefit/memorial show. What a great time that was! Everything seemed to go well. It was really good to meet people who love Brad and people I had met before. Again I apologize to all of you I met up here at the service and did not remember. Please understand that your presence was very important to us, I was really messed up then. Actually I sometimes still am. I did notice everyone that day, but it is a blur in my memory .

Rob, thank you so much!  Keep us posted on dates for future events. Let us know if you need more buttons or anything. A lot of people were asking about the video, we’ll keep you posted on that too.

The Truth

Just a quick post. From Brad's family. We know it all. We have seen it all. We know who Brad is/was. Put anything you want here. No story is off limits. You won't offend us, you won't shock us. We truly do enjoy all the stories. If it is to much for the front page of the website, we'll move it to the tidbits section with a warning. So please we love Brad the way he was. The true Brad. We do know it all, we just would love to hear the stories, see the pictures, etc.

Saturday: The Punk and Hardcore Scenes Gather for a Benefit/Celebration

Here's the link. There is some good information in here and a really nice thing about Brad.

Kill The Duck

I sure miss the game. I miss playing with you and Emily. You taught me how to play Kill The Duck and we played in restaurants all the time, and I really looked forward to it. Did anybody else play this game with Brad?


It's November

Miss you.jpg

Got a huge blow the other day, it still hurts. It is one thing to talk to each other and mention things about Brad, it is another thing when unsolicited, I get an email from the family tree website I work on telling me about Brad. So, I log on to my computer and get an email that had found a clue that matches someone in my tree, I think oh cool, click on the link and bam!  The record matched Brad, it is the Social Security Death Index. Owwwwwww. It still hurts, it was like someone ran a semi into my gut. I laid my head down on my desk and sobbed like I haven't sobbed in months. For some reason the outside source, hitting me when I was not prepared in any way, was bad.

It's November, his birthday is coming on the 28th. There should be something that feels right, to do on this day, but I haven't thought of it yet. My Mom desperately wants me to find the picture of her pregnant with Brad, right now, while it's the same time.

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