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Just Hi.

Hi Brad, 

I was thinking about you a lot for some reason.  Maybe it's the recent Dia de los Muertos, or your upcoming birthday.  But whyever the reason - "Hi."

Wish you were in in person, but I know you're with me in other ways. 

Luv ya, 



Thank you.


I've always been interested in bicycling, and I'll leave the poetic waxing about why for another day.  As you're watching you'll know by interest and the luck of location and garage space, I've absorbed so much of your bicycle accessories.


I've used so many of those things over the last 4 years.  The bike stand, the trainer, a couple of tubes, and, now most recently, a spare set of pedals when one of mine went bad.   -Kept me riding until I could get the bad ones (warranty) replaced.

I wish you were here to teach me a few things, Like how to adjust a derailler, but I know you're laughing your ass off watch me muddle through.  And at the safety gear i insist on wearing.


But, your  stuff and obvious love of the ride has pushed me to a new level and I thank you for that! 



Everyone has the right to build and cherish a private library

Chicago Book Bike

Kris is having trouble with the site and asked me to post this.  But, I'd have posted it too if I found it first.

Bikes and Books.

How can it be so long?

How can so much time have passed.  How can I be moving on?  I know it's what happens, and the best way to preserve your legacy: to live my life to it's fullest.

So odd. Your memory is so fresh and so distant at the same time.   I hope you are in Peace.


Google Maps added bicycling.

I just had to let everyone know - Google Maps went live today with the beta of the bicycle friendly directions

It works for bicycle-only routes, like the Prairie Path here in Illinois.

Here's how to get to my house from Atomic Cowbow in only 25 hours:


Pain Sucks!

Pain Sucks!

And yet, we live in a culture that seems to require it, especially in our relationship – really a lack of relationship-with the dead.    All of us are afraid to let go of the pain we feel about Brad, and we’re right.   Without the constant reminder of the pain, Brad will cease to exist.

We love, and miss, and want him in our lives forever, but the bond is already broken. Our shame of forgetting, even for a moment, runs as deep as the hurt when we remember. Once we start to stop thinking about him every moment of every day he starts to fade like a photograph, until one day there is no more Brad, because no one remembers.   And so our pain keeps him fresh.

Wrong!  Wrong! Wrong!  and other societies seem to have figured it out. 

Reincarnation may be real or metaphorical, but it reminds its believers that a soul is always a soul in some form.   The body may change, but the person behind it is forever.  The earthbound have constant reminders that their lost ones aren’t lost, just with them in a different form.


United Kingdom
Directed by Anton Corbijn
Based on Deborah Curtis's biography “Touching from a Distance,” “Control” follows the rise and fall of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis, from his youth to his suicide on the eve of the band’s first American tour in 1980. 122 min.


I saw this movie last night, and ran from the theatre sobbing.   The end was just a bit too real for me. Too much like what happened the night Kris & I went to Brad's apartment.

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