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Chicago Book Bike

Kris is having trouble with the site and asked me to post this.  But, I'd have posted it too if I found it first.

Bikes and Books.




"With this in mind, we present the Book Bike: a custom-built tricycle stocked with 200 lbs of free books. Since July of 2008, the Book Bike has been responsible for placing over 4,000 new and used books into peoples’ hands. Weather-permitting, you’ll find the Book Bike at Chicago public parks on the weekends; anyone who wants a book is invited to take something home to read.

All books on the Book Bike will be purchased from independent bookstores. Not only will the books continue to be given away from the Book Bike for anyone and everyone to enjoy, but every book will have been paid for, thus directly supporting independent booksellers while keeping with the mission of free books for all."

Two of his favorite things. How cool is this!