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Tron and the C64

Was watching the movie Tron a day or so ago. Seeing the old stand up video games was crazy. You know Brad, it was crazy, I remember a time we had maybe 2 dollars between us and we walked all the way to Yorktown Mall because there was a video game arcade there that had a new wrestling game. Bet we spent 2 hours walking there only to play that game for maybe 15 minutes. LOL, was a blast. One of many fond memories.

Was thinking back on Tron, the old one. How blocky the graphics were. And recalled the chunky graphics from the Commadore 64s and Atari 2600s we use to play. Almost religiously. Trying to collect Activision patches. And Worm War 1 marathons til the sun came up.

Cheers my friend.


So many thoughts right now.

I was playing an online video game. The same one I always play. Talking to fellow players. We were discussing how easy modern technologies make it to communicate. Cross country, even world wide. The thought of my friend Brad popped in my brain. I hadn't seen him in 20? years. I googled....and I never expected to come across this sad information. Sorry to everyone on this loss.

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