So many thoughts right now.

I was playing an online video game. The same one I always play. Talking to fellow players. We were discussing how easy modern technologies make it to communicate. Cross country, even world wide. The thought of my friend Brad popped in my brain. I hadn't seen him in 20? years. I googled....and I never expected to come across this sad information. Sorry to everyone on this loss.

I knew Brad from Heather Lane, Glen Ellyn Il. We met sometime in the very early 80s. My dad lived on Heather Lane, and I would visit every other weekend. But most of that visiting time was spent hanging out with my friend Brad.

We use to do all kinds of things. From fishing up at  the Royal Glen ponds, to racing these toy tyco racecars. Atari 2600 marathons playing Worm War 1 or Pitfall or whatever the newest Activision game cartridge was. Later, it was Commadore 64s. We always loved playing Bruce Lee. We would take turns being the sumo wrestler trying to stop Bruce.

In the winter we use to go snow sledding over at the park. I don't remember the name, but there was a tabogon hill. We thought we were daredevils and would always take the sleds down the very steep backside of the hill. Sometimes we would try to roll a huge snow ball down the park near Heather Lane and see how big of a snowball we could get towards the middle of the street. Not exactly nice thinking about it now.

We use to order stuff from Dolans sports. Chinese throwing stars and nunchucks and books on ninjitsu and ninja skills and tactics. At night time we would dress up like ninjas and play ding dong ditch around the neighborhood. "practicing" our ninja skills.

Sometimes I would stay over across at Brads house or he would stay by us. We would stay up til the sun came up painting dungeons and dragon minitures. And listening to "The Trooper" sometimes over and over all night. And if not Iron Maiden, we would try to catch Dr. Demento.

The last time I saw him was maybe 88 or 89? I don't even remember how we got in touch. I stayed over out there. We talked music. It was really exciting for me. We hadn't caught up in a few months. But as it turned out we were both picking up bass guitars. I had this black Quest bass. and I remember when I got there he had a white Quest bass. What he wanted to play was interesting. He was into metal, but always mentioned a pshycodelic Pink Floyd influence.

I have so many fond memories.

I always imagined that we would catch up some day.  I never expected it to be like this.


Hi Ed, my name is Kris and I

Hi Ed, my name is Kris and I am one of Brad's sisters. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. It is so exciting to hear all of this. I am so sorry that you went looking for a friend and this is what you found.  As you read through this site, you will see so many things he did and loved that started way back then. The bass and the Ninja stuff really were carved way deep into him. As far as music, I don't even know where to start. But he left his 14 year old daughter a collection of several hundred, maybe more, records. Crates upon crates upon crates, filled with records picked and purchased one by one over the years. His most beloved possessions. The next were his books, his book list is on the site to give you a good idea of what he liked to read. I believe it was over three hundred books he had. Some of them we found out were his best friend's books, that he had taken hostage because he so loved to read. He still played bass, never stopped. He did get to buy himself a Rickenbaker bass guitar which was a treasure to him, there are a couple of pictures on this site of it. He owned a couple more bass guitars also and had been in a few different bands over the years. He was, to me, my buddy, my pal. We would sometimes not talk to each other for a very long time but we could pick up the phone at any time and talk for hours like we had been talking all along. Life just gets buyt and I lost a lot of time with my brother that I should have not lost. Thank you for all of your memories and we would love to hear more. As you get through here you will see that you and him started a lot of things that he continued to enjoy and love throughout the rest of his life. If you would like y\to contact us, send an email through the contacts page and we can get in touch with you. Did you stay around this area? Did you continue to enjoy any of the same things? Thank you Ed, your memories are treasures.


I remember you, Ed...


    This is Patrick... great to hear from you under any circumstance.  I hope all is well.  It means so much to hear you thought of Brad after so long, and what you had to say brings back memories.  Thanks so much for that.

Patrick Cassidy