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Footloose at Maxwells

I just got my weekly letter from Emily......loved this part......

in my last letter I asked her what her favorite memory of Brad was.....this was her answer:

"My favorite memory of Dad....hmmm theres so many...probably going to the record store when we moved to Chicago we bought a Kenny Loggins record and put him in the booth at Maxwells and fed him lemons.That was a great day, but there are so many great memories."




glow little glow worm


I heard it in a Starbucks a couple weeks ago and it had me in tears. I had forgotten all about it.

Brad used to sing this to Emily when she was little little. Emily had the croup when she was about 10 months old and was very very sick. We got her a glow worm doll (remember those?) when she was in the hospital. She LOVED it and carried it all over the place. It got Brad singing this song to her and he sang it all the time, especially at bedtime. So sweet.



I was driving this morning, running some errands and listening to some music when a song came on my iPod that Brad and I both liked and that he had given me on a CD sometime within the last year or so. It made me think of him and in the past whenever I would hear or see things that reminded me of him or times we had shared together, I would give him a call and say, "hey! I was listening to this song....." and we'd talk about how awesome it was or something.

......and I'm feeling.....boom boom...... glad all over!

The other day as I was walking through Trader Joe's, I was stopped in my tracks and started weeping because this song came over their music systerm. Brad LOVED this song.

Years ago, there was a period when my car had no cassette player, and all we listened to was the oldies station. Brad would get SO excited when this song came on. He would never buy it because he said it would ruin the excitement of the song. I totally understand that. It was always a treat when we got to hear it - like a little extra magic in the day.

The Guest House

I love Rumi. I read Rumi at the service and find such comfort in his words and wisdom. I wanted to post this Rumi poem, offering it to my loved ones who are suffering so.


The Guest House - Rumi

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Brad.

I lit a candle for you.

We miss you so much.


I was just remembering how when Brad would send emails to me or Emily - he would always sign them BraDad. That makes me smile.

drive by shouting!

The other day I was driving down Roosevelt Road and passed a corner near a fitness center. Here, on the corner was a man advertising for the center, while riding a stationary bike. My immediate thought was, "what on earth would Brad yell out the window at this guy?" He would have found this guy to be ridiculously funny. I know he would have come up with something quick, witty and probably a little crass. This was Brad. I remember having to use the child locks on the windows at times to keep Brad from shouting out of them. (I think Molly said she had done the same! haha!)

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