Anything Land by Alyssa

 For those who don't know, Alyssa is Brad's 10 year old niece. She was 5 the last time she saw Brad but we talk about him a lot. This is a story she wrote at school today. 

                                               Anything Land

     Once upon a time there was a land where anything could happen. Like there is a candy house with a pool full of chocolate syrup which would be like the water in a regular pool.  I figured out how to get across the jello lake, just run really fast. This land was never seen before. My family trained me to be strong and to fight.  But, it was hard. They named me after the place they first met, so my name is Alaska. I do have a partner, his name is Brad. He was strong and had no fears. He was, and is my hero. Brad is my Uncle who is not only my Uncle but he is also my best friend who is now in Heaven. He is in a place where he can do anything. Like he can grant my wishes. He can look over me but he is always my first best friend ever. I Love You Brad.