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So my friend from wyoming kept calling me today during work. And I was thinking why would she keep calling me if it wasn't an emergency. And then she texted me telling her to call her ASAP and so i did and I havent spoken to her in a longlonglong time so it was a bit strange and confusing. So she says "alright this will be fast, when did your dad die" and i told her april 29th 2008. and she said that last night she had a dream about my dad and me when i was a kid that we were standing outside a house having a "father daughter moment" like hugging and stuff. and she said that when she woke up from the dream she felt this overwhelming need to tell me that my dad truley loved me. and I was like awww ok thank you! not thinking too much of it, but then I got home and noticed a post my aunt kris had made about my dad and it hit me, dad didn't actually pass away on the 29th, he passed away last night 4 years ago. It's really something if you ask me. Honestly it makes me feel peaceful <3 It's also quite coincindental because just a few nights ago I was looking up the meanings of different things in dreams, I guess dreams have a way of telling us things.

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