drive by shouting!

The other day I was driving down Roosevelt Road and passed a corner near a fitness center. Here, on the corner was a man advertising for the center, while riding a stationary bike. My immediate thought was, "what on earth would Brad yell out the window at this guy?" He would have found this guy to be ridiculously funny. I know he would have come up with something quick, witty and probably a little crass. This was Brad. I remember having to use the child locks on the windows at times to keep Brad from shouting out of them. (I think Molly said she had done the same! haha!)

Definition of Unique - "Only one of it's kind" or to us, Brad

Wow! My brother Brad. What an amazing guy. We go through his things slowly and thoughtfully. As I see and touch things he owned and treasured, it just amazes me how much Brad never stopped wanting to learn. He never stopped hunting for more and more knowledge about everything, including "self". So many intense books and stuff, all geared towards learning. To me it was overwhelming, but then you will open another box and it's full of what I think of as the coolest toys. Stuff that many adults would consider junk but treasures to Brad.

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