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Happy Birthday

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Hey, you know I'm your sister and I am gonna give you shit- So Happy 40th birthday you old fart.

I miss you with everything inside of me.



Congratulations St. Louis!!!


No More Labels- Repost

As I walk through the streets of the city I see so much.

It's still new

If you come across this site, it is never to late to put something here. It has never been to long. We will always welcome anything. Do you know how long it has been since I have seen a new picture of my baby brother? Do you know how long it has been since I have heard his voice, or seen his smile or heard him laugh? Do you know that I still think of him everyday? My life continies to move forward, I smile and laugh and I am living. But I am living without my baby brother and it is a completely different type of living.

It is never to late to hear a new story about my brother. It is never to late to see a new picture. It is never to late to hear his voice that might be from 10 years ago. Whatever it is, whenever it is, if it get's put up here from this point forward, it is new. One picture, one joke, one "I miss you Brad". It is new, it means you're out there.

Feel free, any time, today, tomorrow, ten years. It is never to late.


Don't forget

today. you can. ride a bicycle.
study tai chi. learn to play an instrument.
let yourself be known. be kind to a stranger.
show love & care. plant a tree.
improve the world. read a book. try a new food.
listen to music and sing loudly. learn to say hello in a new language.
breathe deeply.
give thanks for the day.


 This is  a story that Sarah posted before, but it so funny, and we so need a smile for Brad, that I had to repost it. I hope it is okay Sarah.

Anybody with stories, please share. Something new would be the best.


One of a thousand great Brad quotes that I witnessed:
Brad, Chad, and I were at Crestwood mall. We all went to use the restroom, I walked out of the ladies room and overheard this...
Chad:  Dude, Why don't you wash your hands? That's nasty! 
Brad:  Shut the fuck up, I KNOW WHERE MY DICK'S BEEN!!

Priests and Sausage

Priests and Sausage

Well, I am sure I will be in trouble for that one.

On Saturday we all went to Brad’s apartment to leave flowers and say a prayer for him. Mom has gone every year, Mari has gone one year, and I have not made it once.  I was pretty nervous about going back there, I really wasn’t sure what it was going to be like.

I first must explain a little history behind the whole thing about going this time, since it has a lot to do with how everything turned out.

Videos! We have video!

Look! It's Brad in Eating Rats! Kate ran into Keith who I guess told her where to find them. Something along those lines. I am so thrilled I can hardly talk. To see him move and hear his voice. What an awesome thing. This is the best thing ever!

Comin' To St Louis

I'm coming down there today. I would love a visit. I will kiss your daughter on the dome for you. I will give your buddy a hug for you. Maybe i can get one of those crazy breakfasts for you. I will need your help to finish it though! I hope you're there cause you sure aren't here. I miss you, I need you and your help. There is somebody you need to meet.

Love Kris

Wish you were here

Oh Brad, you are so needed here. Still. There are things I need your help with and you aren't here.

Another year is coming. This should be an interesting one. I know this last one has been full of some crazy stuff.

You know where you're needed. Step in. Help this mess. Or, maybe you already are.

Miss you little brother, no less, just more. The scales are tipping and the balance is all off now. We need you here.


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