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Happy Birthday

I just wanted to tell you how much I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday. Not much is put up on this website anymore but you are still thought of and missed. Happy Birthday my Dear Son.
Love Mom

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Brad

I wish I could say it to you, living your life, with it being a real wish to you. I was awake at 2:28 a.m. remembering, missing you, as I do, we all do, every second. 

I found a vegan stuffed turkey roll-you would have been happy. 

That Thanksgiving/birthday dinner at South City diner with you and Emily still makes me smile and grin when I think of embarrassing you-no easy task!

I love you, I like you, i MISS you but I know for me, you are still with us, as we go about life. In our hearts and minds doing it with us, and I am confident it is true for all of us-family, friends, those you care about and who care about you. We keep going, as we must, but it's harder and there is less joy. 


heh heh heh

Don't you miss his chuckle? Heh Heh Heh

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Brad. Of course that's surely ridiculous, to wish you a Happy Birthday, but how can I not? I still wish that for you. I still wish you were here in your solid human form.
Grieving stages be damned. There's still a part of me that believes its not true. That you will be here with a "Hey it's me" sometime. It's OK with me if I never really pass that. In the meantime, out into the universe - Happy Birthday Brad.
I Love You and I Like You

Hard week

Hard week. Hard times. 

Hard week, wish I could change it. 

I am

I am

Happy Birthday Brad

 Happy Birthday Brad.

Life is not long, or short -it just is. 

Road Trip

 Brad's on a road trip to Seattle. He spent most of his ride on the dash so he can see the scenery and every once in a while I ask him "You really think you could have ridden your bike across country in this?". Maybe it's Brad giving me a nudge? But I have this sudden need to stand in Shorty's bar with him. It's a place he really had fun in and enjoyed friends, so we may try to go there. Part of Brad is going to rest in the mountains out there next to the pristine mountain stream. 

Hard Times

  Hard day. Not that any of them are easy anymore. We are so grateful to the ones from St. Louis who were able to come for Brad's services, and appreciate the ones who wanted to but couldn't.  We are so glad for the people Brad cared about, liked or loved and the people who care about, like or love him. Thank you for what you gave him and what you allowed him to give you. You mean a lot to us as individuals, not just as "one of Brad's friends".  You will be in my prayers as long as I am here. We really hope we can see you all again sometime when we are in St. Louis or maybe you will be up here. 

Brad lives on in all of you too. 

This year

 This year as well as flowers, I lit guardian angel candles at 2258 W. 18th Place. I know the landlord puts the flowers in front of his door and I also know they'll light the candles for him. He will always deserve the tears a mother sheds for him. We still wish you were with us. 

I Love you and Like you,


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